World’s Largest Boxed PC Game Collection now in Helmond (NL)


For a long whilemy collection was displayed at the Games & Computers Museum in Zwolle (The Netherlands). My time there has been good, and I’m very happy with the opportunity I’ve been given there! I will always be grateful for the fact that they have exhibited my collection over the years and have helped me achieve my Guinness World Record!

2016 – My Boxed PC Game Collection in the Games & Computers Museum in Zwolle (old location)

But even though I had a good place in Zwolle, it always felt like it couldn’t convey how special my collection actually is. The Games & Computers Museum in Zwolle is big and it felt like my collection there was a bit out of place. Like it was a small museum inside a bigger museum but without the attention it deserved and without any connection with the rest of the museum.

I also wasn’t really able to show the world all the new additions that have been added to the collection. Especially after the museum in Zwolle had moved to a new location and my collection was placed in the far back of the museum with less cabinet space. This meant that I had to remove games from display and all the games I’ve collected over the past 4 years never really found their way to the display shelves. It was also pretty dark in the back of the museum.

2019 – My collection at the old 2nd location in Zwolle!

It was time for change!!!

As luck would have it, a year earlier the Home Computer Museum in Helmond (The Netherlands) opened its doors! In no time they turned this new location into a Home Computer Valhalla!

Yes! These pictures are all from inside the Home Computer Museum! 😮

This new location is quite big and I just thought to myself that my boxed PC games collection would fit the theme of this museum perfectly.

Home computers + The games you play on them = The perfect killer combo!

So me and Bart van den Akker (the owner of the museum) had a nice chat about the possibilities and figured out a way to make it work! And so a new chapter began!

My collection after the move to the new location in Helmond (NL)!

The move of my entire collection went quite smooth and was done in just a couple of days! To be able to ship all my games in these boxes, my entire family had to eat bananas for a whole year! ; )

33 brand new showcases from SDB Vitrinebouw B.V. were ordered. I was really stoked when I saw them. The idea that in a few days my entire collection would be displayed in these showcases was just mind-blowing!

After the showcases were placed in position came the part that I looked forward to the most. Filling there showcases with my collection so the whole world could enjoy it!

Not only are these new showcases prettier. They are also each 10 cm wider and have 2 more shelves for displaying the games.

Old showcases VS New showcases
Old location VS New location

So… all there is left to say now is that I hope this lock-down will end soon, and I will be able to welcome you inside of the Home Computer Museum soon! And don’t worry…! The official opening of this collection is being planned, and more awesomeness will be shared in the near future! ; )

Have a nice DOS!


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