Mini Prince – OUT NOW!!!

Jumping, Climbing, Falling in spikes, Drinking potions, Sword Fighting… Prince of Persia had it all, and as a kid I played this game over and over again! It was one of the few games we had at home. Even now I still play this game a couple of times a year. I now manage to finish the game in under 30 minutes!

I also learned to program in QBasic from the age of 14. I wasn’t a good programmer at all (still not very good at it) but I managed to program a couple of fun little games and game concepts. One of those concepts was “Mini Prince”. A Prince of Persia fan game where the graphics were no more than just a couple of ASCII characters on the screen (Resolution 104×80). At the age of 15 I was able to program the title screen and the 1st room of the 1st level from the game Prince of Persia in ASCII style. You could climb and jump and… well that was it. It wasn’t much but I had a lot of fun making it. πŸ˜€

Back then it was too complicated for me to program more than one room and I eventually forgot about the whole project. Now almost 20 years later I came across my old MPRINCE.BAS file and decided to take a look at it again. It gave me a lot of joy to see those images on the screen again and was wondering if I, with the programming knowledge I had now, would be able to finish programming one whole level. I decided to at least try…

And I did not regret it! πŸ˜‰

During my programming adventures I decided to make a poster for my fan-game in the style of the original Prince of Persia cover art.

The original Prince of Persia is known for its unique animations. It was one of the first games to use Rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is an animation technique that is used to trace over motion picture footage.

In Mini Prince the main character doesn’t have ANY animations at all. But what is a Prince of Persia fan-game without Rotoscoping? πŸ˜›

Now after months of programming, the game (level) is finally FINISHED and I’m thrilled to announce that it can now be downloaded and played!!!

Download the game (for FREE) here:
>>> W W W . M I N I P R I N C E . N L <<<

Up = Climb up/Enter door
Down = Climb down/Pick up
Left = Walk left
Right = Walk right
J = Jump
S = Sword
C = Careful
SPACE = Show time (Steps)
ESC = To Main Menu

But I couldn’t stop there! As the owner of World’s Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games, I’m a big fan of physical media. That’s why I wanted to give this game a special treatment! What if Mini Prince would get its very own physical box? Of course a BIG BOX would not be suitable for a “mini” game like this, but what about a mini box? πŸ˜‰

Say “Hi” to the Mini Prince Limited Edition Mini-Box!!!

That’s right! With the huge help of Gal Shemesh, known for his handmade mini game box creations (, I was able to design this beauty and make it a reality! πŸ˜€ AND IT CAN BE YOURS!!! 25 lucky people can buy and own this cute little mini box! ^^

Mini Prince Limited Edition Mini-Box (limit 1 per customer)

  • Mini Box (Outer Sleeve + Inner Box)
  • Manual
  • Double sided Poster
  • SD card sleeve
  • SD card sticker

Price: (SOLD OUT!!!)

The game and SD card (and hand) are NOT included!!! The game can be downloaded for FREE and can then be copied onto your own personal SD card! You can then use the SD card sticker and sleeve, that come with the box, to make your Limited Edition Mini-Box complete. πŸ™‚

How to order:
— SOLD OUT!!! —
Step 1. Go to:
Step 2. Send him a PM saying you want to order a “Mini Prince LE Mini-Box”
Step 3. Follow his instructions

Both the game and the boxes are made with passion! I hope you enjoy playing this little fan-game as much as I did making it!

Secrets in the game:
1. The Boss Key:
Just press F9 during gameplay.

2. Cheats:
Type “PRINCEMINIHIT” in the first room to activate the cheats SHIFT + T = Extra bar of energy K = Kill on-screen enemy + = Increase time (steps) – = Decrease time (steps) Enemy corpses will be BLOODY!!! πŸ˜‰

3. Unlockable #1
Finish the game with a score of 150 or higher.

4. Unlockable #2
There is a secret entrance to a secret room with a portal that is only open if you reach it before you timer passes “120” (press SPACE to check). After that the entrance closes. This entrance is located 1 room below the sword and then 2 rooms to the right.

You can reset the Highscore (and the unlockables) simply by deleting the SCORE.LOG file.

LGR made an awesome video about my game Mini Prince:

Please SHARE this post with your friends and help spread this awesome little project! πŸ™‚

Have a nice DOS!
~ Anne Bras


> LGR for making this awesome review video:

> Dosgamert (Bart Remmers) for making a TEASER TRAILER:

> Filipe Veiga for helping me compile the .EXE files for MS-DOS!!!

> Jalal Noureddine for adding the game to the Prince of Persia Unofficial Website:

> Indie Retro News for writing about Mini Prince on their website:

> Pedro Pimenta and Filipe Veiga for writing posts (in Portuguese) about my fan-game Mini Prince:


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