Leaked video from huge games exhibition!

On Sunday 16 October, Anne Bras, together with Games & Computers museum in Zwolle (NL), will present the official opening of the exhibition of possibly the world’s largest collection of big box PC games!

>>> So quickly write this date down! <<<

A few weeks earlier, someone made this video right before the official opening:

Even before I had the opportunity to advertise it myself, it appeared on the internet. Consequence? A wave of reactions:

> Where is this?
> Is this a personal collection?
> Who is the owner?
> Is this a permanent display?

The questions were soon answered by others:
“I think this is Anne Bras his private collection!”

It was clearly time to inform the world about the Grand Opening of World’s Largest Big Box PC Game Exhibition that will take place in 3 weeks!

See you all there! 😉

PS. The “Games & Computers” museum is practically next to the Zwolle train station.

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