GRAND OPENING: World’s Largest Big Box PC Game exhibition!

YES!!! It is finally there! After 10 years of collecting my dream finally comes true: Sharing my entire collection with the world!

You read that right. My “entire collection”. So not a LucasArts Expo or a Blizzard Expo… No! Everything!!! These beautiful pieces of history are meant to be admired and seen by the world, and that is fully possible after the grand opening!

This grand opening (of the World’s Largest Big Box PC Game exhibition) will take place on Sunday, October 16 (that is already in a few weeks) in the Games & Computers museum in Zwolle (NL)!

>>> You are hereby invited! <<<

Dutch video about the Grand Opening!

Big Box PC Games???

The PC games that are currently in store are usually come in simple DVD cases (unless it’s a Special/Limited Edition of course). It used to be different (before the year 2000). Back in the day almost all PC games were sold in large cardboard boxes. Do you still recognize/remember them?

10 years ago I started collecting these PC games in big box and now I have the largest collection in the Netherlands.

You can imagine how enthusiastic I am now that I can finally share it with the world (with you!). Nowhere else in the world has there been such a big exhibition of Big Box PC Games, so make sure you don’t miss it:

See you there!

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  1. martinemussies says:

    O nee, wat ERG dat ik dit nu pas lees! Ik ga je volgen op (hier en op Facebook) en hopelijk kan ik dan een volgende keer komen. 🙂

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