Game collection moved to new location!!!

Yesterday we passed another major milestone. My entire game collection has been moved to the Games & Computers museum in Zwolle. This means that we will soon be ready for the next milestone, the Guinness World Record attempt!

By moving the big box PC games to the new location, I had to say goodbye to my previous storage location in Nijkerk.


Here I have been able to store my game collection for 5 years. I would like to thank Aart, Geke and Joop enormously for this.

Before we moved we rented a van where everything seemed to fit in.

9m³ of big box PC games in one van.

Both my fiancee and my father helped me with the loading and unloading in Zwolle together with a few volunteers. I also want to thank them all warmly.

It was a very successful day and of course you will hear more from me soon. 🙂

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