What happened to Anne Bras (PC-King)?

No, I have not disappeared from the face of the earth and everything is still going according to plan. A lot of cool things have happened in recent years. AND …. I have a beard!!! :/

Anne Bras_850x850px 0048

So yeah … that’s pretty exciting. But before I start telling all kinds of cool stories, I will first answer the big burning question that has been unanswered for a very long time:

“Anne, how’s your world record coming along?”
Many people are under the assumption that I have already achieved the world record for “Largest collection of boxed PC games”. This is not yet the case. How is that possible? First of all, achieving a world record is no easy task. There are all kinds of rules that I must comply with. In my case it is among other things required that I can visually show that I have the largest boxed PC game collection in the world. This is possible, for example, by taking pictures. Yup. A whole lot of pictures. Both the game box and the content need to be visible on it.

An alternative is to have someone from Guinness World Records come over to check the collection (I would not have to take pictures) but this costs around $ 7,000 to have it done, soooooo….. Nope! Pictures it is!

The last 5 years (yes, you read that right) I have been busy making these pictures. That means:
– Take and open a banana box with games from the storage
– Take a game from the box
– Display the contents and the box nicely
– Take a picture
– Put the content back in the box
– Get the next game …
And this with more than 2000 games (including all duplicates).

Thnx for all your help and this cool picture Humphrey van Lee

<Good news>
All pictures are made and nicely arranged into folders.
</Good news>

Now it is time for part 2: “Witnesses!”. Not people from Guinness themselves but people from the Netherlands who have something to do with “Games”, “Computers” or “Collections” come to see if I actually have what I say I have. But before all that I need a nice location where I can display all my PC games.

This is not necessarily necessary, but it is a bit awkward when I take the witnesses to a dark attic where everything is packed in banana boxes. A nice location would therefore be a lot nicer. 😉

More good news: This location is now known! : D All games will be prepared for the witnesses and the press at the “Games and Computers” museum in Zwolle (computermuseum.nl). I think it can look beautiful there. We are going to have an exciting time and believe me when I say that you will hear more about this soon.

So keep your eyes open in the coming period. 😉

“So what else has happened these last couple of years?”
Too many things to mention. But I’m going to try and mention them anyway. 😉

  • For example, I have published a nice comic book (which everyone must of course buy: P) about my cartoon character Hangman 3D: www.hangman3d.nl.Boek-Groot
  • I had a LucasArts exhibition at the Sound and Vision museum in Hilversum (NL).DSC_0198
  • I have worked on two interesting Game Jam titles:
    >>> Folder Quest (www.folderquest.com)
    >>> Kid Alchemist (www.kidalchemist.nl)
    Both games can be downloaded for FREE on the website.
    folder-quest-01  kid-alchemist-01
  • I performed with a friend with our Game Boys at Warp Zone in Amsterdam as “The Consoldiers”.TheConsoldiers
  • I got engaged! 😀Ring
  • I found a Nintendo on the sidewalk in Amsterdam (with SMB3 in it).11212776_10200670604484555_2228205613251324752_n
  • I recently started working at the Sound and Vision museum. Here I test and archive Dutch games. Super awesome!195488-IMG_9300-3ea885-large-1455273036
  • I have crowd surfed at Eindbaas (chiptune party).Header
  • I have finished Commander Keen 1, 2 and 3 for the first time without cheats. 😉12512347_10154187285417868_5966309493605146504_n
  • And of course the game collection has only become bigger with new amazing titles.
    15-09-11  DSC_1094DSC_1107  20160318_144148_resized

So… That’s where it’s at. On to the next adventure.

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  1. WOW! Die baan bij Beeld en Geluid lijkt mij SUPER tof! Ik wil een keer komen kijken!


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