Who is the PC-King?

Hi all.

My name is Anne Bras and as many people know I am a big fan of old video games. I started playing video games pretty early in my childhood. I often played at friends’ house or just at home. My father had a computer at home for his work and occasionally he came home with some computer games that he had received or copied from his colleagues on floppies or floppy disks. That is how I came into contact with games such as:

– Soko Ban
– Prince of Persia
– Commander Keen
– Lemmings
– Duck Tales
– Secret Agent
– Captain Comic
– Egawalls
– Blockout
– Etc…

The relevant floppy disks. Are there any games that you recognize? 😉

How did it all start?

When I was about 15 years old, I actually started buying games myself. Mostly Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Gameboy games, but also some games for PC. My Nintendo collection grew rapidly. People knew I liked video games and I got quite a few games from friends in my area.

                  We are talking about a period in which the Nintendo and Super Nintendo were not played that much anymore and people had already started playing games on the GameCube. So back then it was quite easy to stumble upon a NES for just € 5.- during Queen’s Day (A national holiday in the Netherlands, which is now called King’s Day). And usually it came with a couple of games.

I also bought a lot online. The Dutch website Marktplaats only just existed at that time and people had no idea what the games they were selling were worth.

Queen’s Day!
On a beautiful Queen’s Day I came across someone who was selling some of his stuff and saw the PC game “Day of the Tentacle” in big box for € 2.50. I had played this game before and also finished it many times but never before had I seen the box of this game.

The very first boxed PC game in my collection.

I didn’t hesitate for a moment and bought the game. The art was amazing! I told enthusiastically about my find and a few weeks later a friend called and asked if I would be interested in the games Dungeon Keeper, Diablo & Diablo 2 in big box. He came across them at a second-hand shop for € 1.- each. Of course I wanted them and I suddenly had 4 PC games CIB (complete in box).

Dos12 (1) Dos62 Dos53 Dos55

Why PC games and not NES, SNES, Atari, Etc …?
I doubted if I wanted to collect video games at all since I knew it would become big part of my life, but I was totally ok with that and so my collecting adventures continued.

Because I already had around 100 NES games and only 4 PC games in big box, it was tempting to focus mainly on my NES collection instead of my PC games collection, but since I already knew a number of people who also collected NES games (and had a larger collection than I did) and I actually didn’t know anyone with a big box PC game collection, I decided to go for PC games in particular.

I do still collect games for other consoles/systems and my collection of them is also quite impressive but is still quite small in comparison with console game collections of other collectors.

Part of my NES games collection.

Largest collection in the Netherlands
My big box pc game collection grew really fast. I almost bought every game on Marketplace (considering almost all of them sold for around € 1 each). I also visited a lot of flea markets.

On a sunny day (no idea actually. It could have rained just as well) I met a man who was known for having the largest big box PC game collection in the Netherlands. We became friends and I visited him every month to trade / buy games and have a good chat. Unfortunately this man died a year and a half later and I had lost a good friend. His collection went to his sons and I was allowed to buy this collection from them because I had such a good connection with this man and I also shared the same passion.

It took me a while to realize, but from that moment on, I was known as “largest big box PC game collector in the Netherlands”.


The PC game collection now consisted of around 900 games. I had a storage where I could store all these games and when archiving these games I jokingly made a throne from a part of my collection.

Throne of Games

This photo then became viral on 9gag (http://9gag.com/gag/3325007) and went around the world. Of course every throne needs a king. In this case the king of PC games. This is how the title “PC-King” came into existence.

So now what?
Of course I hope to find many more cool new titles and hope to expand my collection even more, but it would be cool if I could bring my games back to the gamers. Games are there to be played and to be admired. Not to collect dust. So who knows, maybe in the future I can exhibit all these beautiful pieces of history for everyone that is interested in it. That would be awesome! 😀

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