I’m a Guinness World Record title holder!!! :O

After a long wait of 2 years the moment is finally there…


Text on certificate:
“The largest collection of boxed PC games is 1832 items, achieved by Anne Bras (Netherlands) in Zwolle, Netherlands, as verified on 17 June 2017.”

I’ve received the certificate just a couple of days ago and I’m very excited that I can finally show it to you all!  Getting all the paperwork done was really killing and took me a little over 2 years. Obviously I’m still very happy with the result! 😉

How it began:
After my first exhibit with only 150 games, I met a man who was known at the time for having the Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games in the Netherlands (around 600 games). He was my hero! We talked about these games a lot and shared a good friendship! Unfortunately, he passed away 18 months later… Eventually his games ended up in my collection. It took a while before I realized that I was now the owner of the Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games in the Netherlands. A few months later (about 7 years ago) it crossed my mind that I might actually have the Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games in the World! I had been collecting for some years and that’s when I decided to go for the World Record!

After applying, one of the things they needed were pictures of my collection as proof. Of course an empty game box doesn’t count, so I had to take pictures of ALL my games including the content to show them it was all complete.

In other words: Get a box with games. Take out a game. Open it up (unless it’s still sealed). Display everything nicely for the picture. Take the picture. Put everything back into the box again. Get the next game. This took me 5 whole years.

The next part was to plan an official counting day where a notary, a main witness and a couple of friends would count and check the games. Then came all the paperwork… Due to some bumps on the road it took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. After that I was able to send it all to Guinness World Records.

My Guinness World Record Attempt

Then after 3 more months I finally received the long-awaited news that I had become a Guinness World Record title holder! I think I now have a little over 2000 individual boxed PC games and I’ll probably never stop collecting them!

I would like to thank the following people that supported me over the years:

– Freya Maes-Bras
– Rob Bras
– Jose Vlaar
– Karin Blaauw
– Ronald Brink
– Kaj Bras

– Molly Carroll
– Erik van Wace
– Steven Dax
– Liz Groot
– Daniëlle van Evert
– Loki Aldebaran
– Vicky Hds

Civil Law Notary:
– Geert Vermeulen

Main Witness:
– Rob Visser

– Bart Remmers
– Paul Remmers

Special Thanks to:
– John Groenewold
– Naomi Groenewold-Slegers
– Aart Markies
– Geke Verhoog
– Paul Benjaminse
– Humphrey van Lee

Thank you all so very much!!! 

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