Unreleased RedCat Promo

Wouw! You may remember my post about the RedCat Master Disk from a while ago. That same day I had received a very unique object, but before I could tell exactly what it was, I had to investigate.

A while ago I had an appointment with Rudolf Wolterbeek Muller (father of the RedCat games). He went to see if he still had some unique RedCat / Davilex related items for my collection. In addition to a few games / game items, he suddenly showed me this VHS tape (video tape).

Front of the video tape case.

OMG !!! I wasn’t expecting this at all. RedCat could be seen on the front with a large rifle in his hand and the title: “RedCat: Kyrion’s Revenge”. This title was unknown to me. And I really thought I knew all the RedCat titles. But it turned out … This was from a RedCat game that had never been released (the 3rd part of the 2 already existing RedCat DOS games) !!! 😮 😮 😮

On the back there were some screenshots and some text about the game in 4 different languages.

Back of the video tape case.

But why was it the cover of a video tape? And what was on this video tape? Rudolf himself had no idea what was on it, and nothing else was written on the cassette in the case. We started to fantasize together what could be on it.

In the best case:

  • A RedCat 3 Promo
  • Promo images of Davilex in general
  • Porn (maybe not very historical but still very entertaining) 😉

In the worst case:

  • Some boring recording of something
  • A random movie
  • Nothing

Rudolf said:
“I think it was a preview for a RedCat game instead of edutainment. We talked a lot about the RedCat positioning. The easiest thing was to release a new game.”

Anyway, I was very curious about what was on it and I tried to find out. A few weeks later I finally had the opportunity to play the VHS tape on an old video recorder and for the first time I could admire the images with my own eyes.

See the original images of the VHS tape here:

YES!!! It was indeed a RedCat 3 promo video! How cool is that! 😀 And the fact that RedCat 3 was never released as a game makes this video extra special! Instead of RedCat 3, the well-known “RedCat: De Razende Rekenrace” came out. That was the first educational RedCat game and also the first RedCat game from Davilex.

The RedCat that most people know.

I asked Rudolf if he knew who had made the cover art. “I really don’t know anymore, I believe the artist made this as a test for an art academy.”

Super awesome cover art on the video tape case.

Perhaps you, the reader, know who made this or are you by chance the artist of this awesome masterpiece yourself? Please contact me: hangman_3d @ hotmail.com. I would love to get in touch with you. 🙂

Of course, I immediately made a digital copy of the VHS tape so that the video can forever be remembered.

Thanks again for everything Rudolf!

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