RedCat Master Disk

So for the people who missed it… I had a meeting with Rudolf Wolterbeek Muller. He used to work at Davilex and is the man behind a Dutch educational game series called “RedCat” (I grew up with many of his games). Davilex is also known for Dutch games like the “A2 Racer” series (or “Autobahn Raser” in Germany), “Amsterdoom” and “Knight Rider The Game”.

He went to see if he had some unique RedCat/Davilex related items for my collection. He first put down some games and indicated that I could take what I didn’t have yet. Then … from a plastic bag he suddenly takes out this beauty:


It was the “Master Diskette” from the very first RedCat game! My heart skipped when I saw that. This RedCat game was made even before Rudolf worked at Davilex. When RedCat was still a DOS platform/action game instead of an educational game.

Rudolf himself had no longer the possibility to read floppy disks and asked me if I could save what was on it. The contents of the disk is now back in the hands of the maker (in the form of a .ZIP file). I was allowed to keep the disk itself.

These are the moments… ❤

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